To get a bit closer to your personal summit.

Sometimes you move inches higher and roll down.
Other times you’ll do a big jump up, balance it right and stay at that level.

You will. I’ll do everything to help you on the way.



The idea to do the photo shoot came quite spontaneously. We just intended to meet, exchanged several messages and decided to see each other in the park, me taking the Camera. That’s what’s come out of it.

I’ve always thought Angela has the thing that makes you a good model. And I think she proved it, although she’d had a long break in such stuff before this session.

Meet Angela, the person I wanted to photograph for a longer time – finally succeeded.

Ola’s Mum aka Sylwia

I want to thank you for that session.

Not only did it prove to be fruitful, but also the atmosphere was unique.

It was beautiful to watch you getting used to the camera; from being all stiff and getting on Ola’s nerves to total easiness, acting as an experienced model. I’m glad I was able to witness the inner change you’ve had. Such things are special, aren’t they?

Whatever you think about your chin, I like these photos. And I think you do look good. Just as you were then – that shoot wouldn’t let itself be repeated, believe me.

I hope you’ll have a look at yourself once more and start to appreciate what’s deep there. It’s not about perfection. It’s about the feeling, the moment. Do find it – we both know it’s there.


It’s the Woman who used to teach me French, for which I’m thankful.

Having finished the stage of my learning process, we fixed a photo session. She does look good, and I think she’s aware of it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have the pleasure of introducing Madame to you.

Merci pour profonder ma connaissance de la belle langue française. Et pour cette session. Et aussi pour tous les heures de conversation (en français) avec un bon gâteau (sans gluten)!