Amplifier and its Ola

Well, it’s so big it surely controls the Owner!

As to Ola, she’s already been here, just as her Mum. They’re both great people.

Thank you, my Burk, for coming then. And for the shoot. I’ve enjoyed it –

hope you have as well.


Music Performances

Let it be a gig day.

In this post I publish photos from several concerts. Most of them took place at my beloved School, from which I recently graduated (could have stayed…). Don’t bother it was at school – they were good performances.

Have a look.

Yes, some of these photos are very similar. They do mean something to me, however, and I ain’t gonna delete those ‘nearly duplicates’ because someone might not like it.

Well, I think they’re not bad.

I wish I always had such light as there with my technician friends. Thanks, Boys. Extremely appreciate what you did there, and do now, even if I can’t be there with my camera and benefit from your proficiency.

I won’t name all the Artists as there are quite a few of them and I might not remember (or know) some names. Big credit to all of them, though.