Summer local gigs #6

That’s it. The last part of the series. The end of the summer means the end of this event.

It was nice to take part in it, definitely. I’m glad I sacrifised some time to these gigs.

Artist: Nouvel Sound


Summer local gigs #3

Back to people, Music.

There are two photos from two gigs mixed in this post. I let myself do so since both took place on the same day and stage, one after another.

The first one was a concert of some people from Chile and Portugal. They were just youth that showed up in our town and performed. They haven’t got any band or something so I can’t tell you what their name is.

The second gig was played on the regular summer basis here, by Hydrozagadka. Enjoyed it quite a lot, even despite bad weather.

Music Performances

Let it be a gig day.

In this post I publish photos from several concerts. Most of them took place at my beloved School, from which I recently graduated (could have stayed…). Don’t bother it was at school – they were good performances.

Have a look.

Yes, some of these photos are very similar. They do mean something to me, however, and I ain’t gonna delete those ‘nearly duplicates’ because someone might not like it.

Well, I think they’re not bad.

I wish I always had such light as there with my technician friends. Thanks, Boys. Extremely appreciate what you did there, and do now, even if I can’t be there with my camera and benefit from your proficiency.

I won’t name all the Artists as there are quite a few of them and I might not remember (or know) some names. Big credit to all of them, though.