Dogspotting 7

Yet another Dogspotting, again on the Roker Beach and in its proximity. It’s a really nice destination. And you can count on Dog Owners/Walkers there – they are to be found at any time.

I think this is a pretty majestic Dogspotting. All the Guys look somehow serious, even somehow imposive, don’t they? Professionals.

Thank you to all the Owners who let me take photos!
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Dogspotting 6

Dogspotting on the beach!

It was truly wonderful. I met six great Dogs (I can’t publish one of them and I’m really sorry about that) and four really nice Owners. If any of you happens to read it, please know that I really appreciate when you stop and try to make your Dog pose for the photo. I don’t expect it – all I want when I ask about taking the photo is to make sure you won’t get annoyed with it. It’s extremely nice when you try to help.

Well, below are the results.

I’ll surely be at the coast with my Camera shortly – it’s a wonderful place to have some interesting shoots.

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Dogspotting 4

Yesterday wasn’t my lucky day. I met only two dogs – hard to believe seeing how many of them there were the previous times (I don’t even think I managed to publish all). Ok, there was the third Guy but didn’t manage to snap him as he was just running along his Owner’s bike and I didn’t want to interrupt.

Nevertheless, the two Dogs I met are really nice Fellows. Enjoy – I did.

Although I was unlucky for Dogs, I met some other Animals. To come.

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Dogspotting 3

Each time I go to a park to spot some Dogs is different. And each time I just love the experience.

It’s wonderful that there’s always something special about the Guys I meet.

Enjoy the next Dogspotting. More to come!

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