A ginger Cat

Met him and his owner completely accidentally. Having spotted the Cat, I immediately took the Camera out of my bag.

It seems I’m a complete freak when it comes to Pet Photography. Yes, I am. I love it (have nothing against being a freak either).

I only managed to take five photos of the Pet. Here you can see three of them. Then he went away, not willing to be a star any more. Well… Couldn’t quite spot him in the bushes, not even the slightest chance of taking a photo.

Nevertheless I found him a nice guy. And beautiful, definitely. Meet the Ginger Cat.


Cats in the Window

I was walking home when I met them. The photos aren’t good since it was quite late and dark.

Nice cats in not so nice photos. They behaved in a funny way in reaction to seeing me. Enjoy.

Their Majesties

Ladies and Gentlemen,

we have gathered here today to worship the flawless figures of Her Majesty Bella and her Daughter Mabisia, both capable of making your mouth drop with their genuinely graceful appearance.


Let us begin with the Mother. My compliments to Bella.

Fully aware of how picturesque the fur-licking may be and unconcerned about showing herself during such personal activities.

She knew where to sit as well. Thanks to her choice of the right place you can admire her in fully natural light – casual, yet extraordinary.


Bella is followed by her magnificent Offspring, Mabisia. Having learned from the best, the Daughter knows well how to present herself in the most favourable way, indeed.

Bow before Mabisia.

She showed so much class it probably would take a lifetime for a human being to acquire. She is individual. She is beautiful and she has got magnetic eyes, bright and clear. Most importantly, she knows how to make the best out of it.


Let them be a family. Yet these furry Ladies have different style, even though there are some similarities to be found. I reckon I do not need to point them out. Let the Queens say their part, and I will remain silent. Grateful for the afternoon they honoured me with.

Mr Cat

I didn’t get to know his name. I believe he’s a male cat as he’s quite big and… well, not fat. Well-built.

I met him today at the bus stop. He was quite friendly, all willing to be patted – so pat I did.

Then I returned home for the Camera and back to the Cat. He was still there but in a different mood. Something seemed not to fit him in the surroundings. Then it was only worsened by the appearance of a dog. No matter that the dog wasn’t close, was held on a leash by his owner and was smaller than our Cat – Mr C. still didn’t like the situation.

He didn’t seem to care about being taken photos of, however. Just did his things, which at that moment meant being angry and licking his fur. Then went to hide himself in the bushes.

Meet Mr Cat. A Cat in the deepest meaning of this word.

Thank you for the pleasure, Mr Cat. I’m sure you enjoyed the first of our two meetings more – the one with stroking. I enjoyed both. See you at the bus stop someday. Fancy some patting?