A very funny little fella we met today.DSC_3058


Hidden and Obvious

It was good to be out again. It was different as well. Difficult?

The cows were absolutely lovely. They came close to our car while we were away climbing and… well, started making friends with it? Who knows.
Anyway, it was all muddy on one side and the back window so they must have been sniffing it or leaning against it. Then they just looked when we packed stuff back up and stepped aside to make some space for us to drive. Aren’t they cute?

Dogspotting 7

Yet another Dogspotting, again on the Roker Beach and in its proximity. It’s a really nice destination. And you can count on Dog Owners/Walkers there – they are to be found at any time.

I think this is a pretty majestic Dogspotting. All the Guys look somehow serious, even somehow imposive, don’t they? Professionals.

Thank you to all the Owners who let me take photos!
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Dogspotting 6

Dogspotting on the beach!

It was truly wonderful. I met six great Dogs (I can’t publish one of them and I’m really sorry about that) and four really nice Owners. If any of you happens to read it, please know that I really appreciate when you stop and try to make your Dog pose for the photo. I don’t expect it – all I want when I ask about taking the photo is to make sure you won’t get annoyed with it. It’s extremely nice when you try to help.

Well, below are the results.

I’ll surely be at the coast with my Camera shortly – it’s a wonderful place to have some interesting shoots.

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Wiedźma’s Dogs

These photos did have to wait a long time to be published. At some point I even forgot about them. But finally, here they are.

The set presents three diffrent Dogs, even if they do look quite similar. They’re very well-trained and obedient… but only to one of the Owners, who wasn’t there with me during the shoot. As a result we did have lots of fun trying to capture these Beasts.

Here’s a part of what I managed to do, with M. and Ola’s help.