To get a bit closer to your personal summit.

Sometimes you move inches higher and roll down.
Other times you’ll do a big jump up, balance it right and stay at that level.

You will. I’ll do everything to help you on the way.


Dogspotting 3

Each time I go to a park to spot some Dogs is different. And each time I just love the experience.

It’s wonderful that there’s always something special about the Guys I meet.

Enjoy the next Dogspotting. More to come!

You’re also welcome to visit my Facebook profile, where you’ll find the whole set of 20 pictures from this particular walk and more photos from the previous ones!


Welcome to my little blog. I’ve decided to establish it to be my photo archive and portfolio, and hopefully to attract some visitors from time to time.

The site’s going to be mainly about Photography and Film, but it’s not the only content you’ll find here. During its development and my improvement of blogging skills I’ll probably start publishing also some different stuff, for example my writing.

You can be sure, however, that it’ll be centered on Art and my works rather than myself. Naturally I’m much attached to what I create but it’ll never be a place for me to complain about what goes wrong in my poor little life. It’ll be about what was established somewhere in my poor little head and came to light as a proof that I have something there inside. It’s up to you to decide if it’s valuable enough for you to take part.