This was the very first time I thought of a photo and immediately knew who exactly has to be on it. Them, nobody else. And they agreed, eventually.

Thank you, Guys, it’s been an extremely vauable experience, incredibly awesome atmosphere. You brought the photographic me to the groud with a bump. Wicked.

There you go. Hope you’ll like what I’ve created thanks to you – we’ve actually created it together, haven’t we?



The idea to do the photo shoot came quite spontaneously. We just intended to meet, exchanged several messages and decided to see each other in the park, me taking the Camera. That’s what’s come out of it.

I’ve always thought Angela has the thing that makes you a good model. And I think she proved it, although she’d had a long break in such stuff before this session.

Meet Angela, the person I wanted to photograph for a longer time – finally succeeded.