Two little peppers

Just for a change. Got inspired to take them quite by accident, just when I saw the peppers looking so nice together. Grabbed the Camera and shot, not minding how hungry we were (I still remember the hunger, yes).



A croissant

M.’s breakfast to feed eyes on in the evening.

I think those French little guys look particularly well on photos, don’t they?

You had my breakfast earlier (the grapefruit). Seems that as a consequence of my food photography apprenticeship this blog’s becoming a documentation of our meals… Well, let it be. At least for a while.

I still have some other ideas, not only for the contents of the fridge. To come soon!


I’ve never been much into food photography. Now I’ve decided it’s time to try it and learn. So here I am – that’s how I’m doing now.

I must admit I do have fun, although the recent boom for food photography doesn’t stop amazing me. And I have to learn to peel fruit slowly, taking breaks for snapping. Cook with the camera by my side. Well, I love doing things with the Camera by my side.

I think you may expect more soon.