A very funny little fella we met today.DSC_3058


Falco Tinnunculus

Hope you’re doing better, dear.

She’s a good lass. Had a little accident when learning to fly and needed help. Now she’s already with professional ornithologists, getting ready to be independent. Good luck.

Seagulls and a Swan

There are not only Dogs out there, really.

Actually, I’ve already met a variety of creatures, some of which have already been published here. Now the time has come for Seagulls, which can perfectly well substitute for an alarm clock in the morning, and Mr Swan.

There ale plenty of Seagulls all around the city. I love them walking calmly down the street, not caring about the cars passing by. There are more and less important things, right? Seagulls and people, for instance.

As to Mr Swan, I seem to have met him doing his evening yoga. Majestically – can Swans do things in a different manner?



They live in the same little zoo as Piggies, Rabbits, Sheep and Swans. Goats had to wait for their turn as many photos cumulated at the same time. And so the photos lied until today.

Again there are different kinds of Goats, just as with Sheep previously. Among them you’ll find a mum and her two children. They’re on most of the photos as I spent some time with them, unlike the others. It was beautiful to watch the bond between them.

I am glad to present Goats to you, finally.

The three Horses

Two alike and one completely different. The one is surely unique where I live. There’s no other horse of this breed near here. And this one is ill.

Two of the beautiful Animals I publish here have witnessed cruelty and maltreatment. These photos come from the same shoot as Alpacas, Ponies and the Mule. Their stories are similar as the owners of the farm try and do their best to save Animals from slaughterhouses and wrong treatment. They have some healthy horses you can come and ride and these saved Animals, which just have peaceful living there, usually with no duties (many of them are unable to work).

Meet another group of Animals harmed by humans. Introducing three beautiful Horses.

Two Ponies and a Mule

Taken on the same day as Alpacas, at the same spot. There are also horses waiting for publication.

These animals are beautiful. It’s good to see that they’re able to show some cheerfulness, having went through all the evil and improper treatment. They are saved from cruel owners or slaughterhouse, just as Alpacas.

I do feel deeply sorry for them.

Meet these poor creatures, which have witnessed terrible things, although they’re totally innocent. Introducing two Ponies and a Mule.


I did have fun. But it’s not about me standing aside, snapping and laughing. It’s about how wonderful time they have messing around.

They seem to be running and hopping, looking for new mischief to get into. And there are about 12 of them, just imagine!

Meet the little pranksters and enjoy your time just as they do.


Had a whale of a time when taking these photos.

It wasn’t easy to approach Alpacas at first but eventually the power of an apple proved to be overwhelming!

They’re not as friendly as it may seem, and they’re a little silly. But there’s something cute in them, and I think it is to be seen in these photos. You should have seen them quarrelling and spitting at each other! Unfortunately I didn’t manage to snap that moment, all happened as I was coming, with the camera in my backpack.

Enjoy the meeting with Alpacas. I certainly did!