Władysław aka Łatek

That’s a funny dog!

To describe him shortly, one should start with his tail – it’s strong as hell, and he can beat you with it rather painfully in a moment of particular joy x)
Then I’d proceed to the cunning look of his eyes and enthusiastic approach. He’s quite excited about almost everything you do or don’t. And he definitely needs his fair share of attention. He tries to be nice, although he can be pretty irritating at times, for example as you try to pass him with a mug of hot coffee! I have never felt discouraged or angry with him, though.That’s just the kind of a pet.

It’s also noteworthy that Władek LOVES mandarines. And his name’s Łatek, really, although even his Family calls him Władysław. So do I, and I love it.

The shoot lasted about 10 minutes, as it was quite spontaneous and I had a busy day – that’s why photos are all alike.

Thanks, Zuza, for coming with Łatek!


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