They’re extremely funny guys.

They’re a little scared of what an unknown human might do to them. They’re not shy, though. They approach, sniff, touch your head with these fluffy noses and hop away. Do not dare move as they try to get to know you.

I’m sure we’d make friends if I’d stayed longer. Half an hour is just too short for rabbits to get used to you.

There’s one photo in this set I wouldn’t include normally. I don’t like it technically. But there’s one quite special thing about it – there’s a Rabbit sticking its tongue out. Might seem stupid but you don’t see these guys with their tongues out much, do you? I hadn’t even noticed the tongue until I got home and had a look at the snaps.

Otherwise, I simply enjoyed the time at Rabbits’. Hope they had a little fun as well. So it seemed at times.


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