Their Majesties

Ladies and Gentlemen,

we have gathered here today to worship the flawless figures of Her Majesty Bella and her Daughter Mabisia, both capable of making your mouth drop with their genuinely graceful appearance.


Let us begin with the Mother. My compliments to Bella.

Fully aware of how picturesque the fur-licking may be and unconcerned about showing herself during such personal activities.

She knew where to sit as well. Thanks to her choice of the right place you can admire her in fully natural light – casual, yet extraordinary.


Bella is followed by her magnificent Offspring, Mabisia. Having learned from the best, the Daughter knows well how to present herself in the most favourable way, indeed.

Bow before Mabisia.

She showed so much class it probably would take a lifetime for a human being to acquire. She is individual. She is beautiful and she has got magnetic eyes, bright and clear. Most importantly, she knows how to make the best out of it.


Let them be a family. Yet these furry Ladies have different style, even though there are some similarities to be found. I reckon I do not need to point them out. Let the Queens say their part, and I will remain silent. Grateful for the afternoon they honoured me with.


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