Stefany – the Lizards

Physignathus cocincinus. Chinese water dragon. Thai water dragon. Call it as you wish, there’s a quite wide choice of names.

Funny guys, them. Calm, lazy, almost unconcerned about what’s going on around them.

Met them in the morning, just after the light in their terrarium was lit. Had to wait about half an hour for any movement, not to mention activity. In the morning lizards benefit from the light, warming their magnificent bodies. They’re unwilling to act just then. They take their time and are in no hurry, even to eat.

They only got a little anxious when I stroked them. They recognise their owner by the smell and therefore they didn’t like mine. Otherwise they were totally untouched by the fact that some stranger approached them with a black clicking thing. Such little matters are just below their mighty interest.

In the first photo you can see one Stefan shortly after waking up. Didn’t even put his legs on the stick. They hang in such a funny manner the whole night.

Both of these guys are named after another Stefan from this same species, who managed to escape, wandered too far and got lost.

Thanks for your lack of attention, Stefans. I’m truly grateful – that’s why I got the freedom of snapping you as I wished.

And huge thanks to Wiesiu as well. For ‘lending’ me Stefans and for the latte.


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