Mr Cat

I didn’t get to know his name. I believe he’s a male cat as he’s quite big and… well, not fat. Well-built.

I met him today at the bus stop. He was quite friendly, all willing to be patted – so pat I did.

Then I returned home for the Camera and back to the Cat. He was still there but in a different mood. Something seemed not to fit him in the surroundings. Then it was only worsened by the appearance of a dog. No matter that the dog wasn’t close, was held on a leash by his owner and was smaller than our Cat – Mr C. still didn’t like the situation.

He didn’t seem to care about being taken photos of, however. Just did his things, which at that moment meant being angry and licking his fur. Then went to hide himself in the bushes.

Meet Mr Cat. A Cat in the deepest meaning of this word.

Thank you for the pleasure, Mr Cat. I’m sure you enjoyed the first of our two meetings more – the one with stroking. I enjoyed both. See you at the bus stop someday. Fancy some patting?


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