Stella the Mantis


It wasn’t easy at all to take those photos, at least not for me. At least not with the lenses I have, although I don’t want them to be an excuse of any kind.

Partly succeeded, I reckon. I know, though, that there’s MUCH to improve. I’ll try somewhere in the funny thing called Future.

These photos aren’t perfect, no. And there’s much that could be better, yes.

Good Mantises are patient. Thanks, Stella.

Funny what a human’s brain does. She seemed to have posed for the photos, moving her head in my direction wherever I went. I mocked about it. Naturally, she just wanted to be able to defend herself in case of attack.

Thought she laid an egg but it proved to be only a poo. Well. But it pushed me to checking the thing and getting to know that mantises don’t lay eggs. They’re born from cocoons.

Have a look at Stella. Although she looks nice and her eyes seem keen, she doesn’t want to make friends with you, not even to meet you. She just want to get her peace. But let your brain think what it likes. It makes no difference to the Mantis.


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